A Typical Service Based Incubation


Educating India, in a Smarter Way

MISSION STATEMENT: To build and sustain the efficiency and reputation of educational institutions.

VISION STATEMENT: To build a strong nation of educated self sufficient generation through improving the efficiency and reputation of educational institutions.

Applied Academia Services is a mainstream service based company currently incubated in BIT-TBI. Applied Academia Services (AAS) is an education oriented company which is focusing on improving the efficiency and reputation of educational institutions in the country and to create a world class educational standard in the institutions of the country. AAS is new and unique of its kind because the company strives for bringing the institutions into higher level in all areas of its functioning.

Applied Academia Services has a strong service line which is developed to serve the core and noncore areas of requirements of the niche. Thus, applied Academia Services intends to provide solutions to all requirements of an institution to bring it up to the next level of excellence. A few primary services provided by the company (but not limited to) conceptual branding, customized campus structure design and development, human capital empowerment, alteration and documentation, quality process, placement assistance, digital media and other promotions etc.

Services provided by the company will help Indian educational institutions to reach a world class level and in turn shaping a formidable future generation with state-of-the-art campus structure and firm reputation followed by well thought-out operation.

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